A burger is a fast food item consisting of beef, cheese and onions. It is the leading fast food in the US market

Cheese is a particular kind of white, odorless, tasteless solid obtained from the curdlinating (“set-ting”) process for pasteurization of milk. The process has been used since at least 2500 BC but commercial cheese making was not developed until around 1000 BC. The earliest known cheeses were made using skimmed milk and had a high fat content that allowed them to be stored without spoiling over time. Cheese has been an important dietary staple in Europe since ancient times; however, it was not commonly consumed much later on than it is today although some cattle ranches in the southern United States still produce cheese made with skimmed milk

A fish is not just a fatty, juicy piece of meat. Everything has a place in a burger. The burgers are delicious, but the toppings and condiments add to the flavour and texture of it.

The “Burger King” brand began in 1950 as one of a handful of fast food restaurants in America which did not serve beef or pork. In 1951, Burger King started selling burgers with American cheese and onions; by 1972 the first hamburger was served with lettuce and tomato on top, and by 1977 there were hamburgers with cheese on both sides! In 1989 Burger King introduced the Whopper (a double cheeseburger) to America, and this gave inspiration for restaurants around the world to start marketing these products as well.

Banners and menu boards are the main ways of advertising a burger. Nowadays, we can also see brand logos on burgers in the middle of a burger just to show that this burger is loyal to its brand.

Cheeses, double meat and other toppings are among the most popular toppings when it comes to burgers, but there is a lot more to this popular American cuisine.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has been featuring cheese as an ingredient in their chicken fries for over 60 years, adding another layer of flavor. KFC uses ‘cheese’ as its primary topping on all of its chicken fries and fries with chips, but this most certainly isn’t the company’s only way to add flavor.

A burger is a sandwich of meat and bread, made with a grilled bun, usually served with ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise.

The number of burgers sold every year has skyrocketed over the last few years. The US alone alone sells 5 million burgers every day! They are prepared differently in different styles depending on their climate and culture.

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